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Intellectual Property, Fall 2012

A new way to be friendly with your intellectual property.
Willing to share it? Konomark it! The konomark is a symbol that invites people to ask to use your copyrighted work for free.
Museum of Intellectual Property
The tangible history of intangible property.
The MOIP's mission is to collect and display physical artifacts from the cases that define the law of copyright, patent, trademark, and other fields.
Torts Compendium
A free, downloadable casebook for torts.
Volume One and Volume Two can be downloaded from from SSRN.
Exam Archive
Exam booklets from past courses.
Nuclear disaster threatens a posh ski resort, imagined aliens cause a mishap at a secret lunar base, a 1975 Ford Pinto takes to the skies, and much, much more.
tugboat in daylight on river
Negligence's X Factor
2012 Cardozo Law Review de novo 318 (2012)
What happens when you turn the Hand Formula into an equation?
pile of 100-dollar bills
Intellectual Property and the Incentive Fallacy
39 Florida State University Law Review 623 (2012)
The foundational premise of intellectual property – that art and technology needs external rewards – is wrong.
NFL logo on grass field
The NFL, Intellectual Property, and the Conquest of Sports Media
86 North Dakota Law Review 759 (2010)
Sports Law Symposium
The NFL's assertion of IP entitlements poses a threat to the freedom of the press to report about sports.
padlock on chain link fence
Trade Secret Subject Matter
33 Hamline Law Review 545 (2010)
Symposium: The Evolution of Trade Secret Law: 30 Years of the UTSA
What makes a trade secret different from other kinds of business secrets?
bohr model of atom on chalkboard
A Populist Manifesto for Learning the Law
60 Journal of Legal Education 41 (2010)
Learning law the hard way is not better, it is just harder.

Torts Wypadki
A wiki-powered collaborative class outline covering negligence, strict liability, intentional torts, economic torts, and more
ABC Wypadki
A wiki-powered collaborative class outline covering antitrust, bankruptcy, and consumer law
Intellectual Property Wypadki
A wiki-powered collaborative class outline covering copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and more
Blog Law Blog
Intellectual Property and the Incentive Fallacy poster

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Intellectual Property and Disability poster

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