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Book assignments

The main casebook for the course is an open-source/open-access/OER multi-volume anthology called Intellectual Property Surveyor (Museum Edition, Version 1.0). You will need four volumes:
You have lots of options in terms of how you might access the books:
  • You could read them on your computer or tablet.
  • You could print them yourself.
  • You could have someone print them for you.
  • You could purchase paperback-bound copies through Lulu or Amazon (links on the casebook website). Note that when I uploaded the books, I have attempted to set the prices so that I will get zero revenue from the sales. So what you pay is just what Lulu or Amazon is charging for itself.
  • You could get used copies from a student who took the course last year.
Note that from time to time, the manuscript may be updated to fix minor typos. These fixes don't affect pagination or the usability of the book.
Unfortunately, OU Law has frequently changed their exam policies in past semesters. Because of new and shifting policies, I cannot say at this point what format of exam I will have. (I anticipate that I can pin down some details after the semester begins.) But if I have an exam that allows access to printed materials while writing an essay answer, then you will want to have a printed copy by the end of the semester to use on the exam. So for that possibility you might choose to start the semester with a printed copy (which you might mark-up and highlight), or you might instead choose to wait until the end of the semester to print out a copy (which perhaps you will have marked-up electronically over the semester).

Prior IP courses, in case you are interested in how I've taught the course in the past:

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